Keeping the children happy

If the children are happy and amused, the adults have time to read the paper, sip a glass of local wine or doze by the side of the pool.

The Fenautrigues donkeys like being visited

Squeals of excitement usually meet the first viewing of the swimming pool. Brand new and with a view that you could look at for hours, there’s plenty of seating for sunbathing and shade if you need it.

The play barn is designed with children in mind. With table tennis, games and toys (which are always more exciting if they’re not yours), and a craft table, it’s bound to be a big hit. It’s somewhere to call their own, and gives the children a place to run around, let off steam and be as noisy as they want – perfect if you get the odd day of rain.

Don’t forget there’s also 11 acres of woodland, ideal for den making, hide and seek or Cowboys and Indians.