Serenity for bikers

Serenity welcomes bikers

We’ve met quite a few bikers in the town of St Cere near to Serenity. They said that it’s a great area for day touring. And they love it here. We asked them what they thought would make a holiday home special for bikers. Then we asked MCN what they thought.





You said:

“We want somewhere where we can park up safely and under cover”

We cleared out a barn so that there is space for as many bikes as you want, under cover and safe

You said:

“Our partners don’t always want to come with us on the rides, so they need something to do while we’re gone.”

We built a pool for lounging around. There’s also table tennis and table football. (Then, of course, there are some lovely shops about 20 minutes away.)

You said:

“We’re looking for a space with good lighting and a sealed floor to carry out small repairs and do a bit of maintenance if we have to.”

We put a workshop in the barn with a concrete floor and lighting.

You said:

“It would be useful to have a compressor to pump up tyres and tyre levers to get them on and off.”

We’ve got all that plus a professional tool kit, an engine crane and a small hydraulic lift, a workbench, lots and lots of spanners and sockets and many things you won’t need as well.

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